Wednesday, 25 May 2016 Glitters & Shimmer Pot Palettes

Posted by Aamal Nauman at 05:59
I don't know why but these days I am mesmerized and enchanted by the glitz and glam of Glitters & Shimmers. I mean it is like I am in a trance or something, well it's difficult to figure out. I have hoarded dozens of pixie dusts, sparkling and shimmery pigments along with glitters but this LUST doesn't seems to end ever *sigh*. Recently I have came across this Fb Page which were selling some of these amazing little pots of sparkles and I couldn't resist my-self to get a hold of them. The owner was sweet enough to send me for a review. I got basically 2 palettes each consisting 12 pots so a total of 24 pots were sent to me for the review.

The fast shipping highly impressed me I mean I sent my details on the day before delivery in noon and got the parcel on very next day. Hats OFF to the quick Job.

I liked the way they have packed it securely. The plastics bags and inside them the pouches a green n a black containing each palette.

Each palette contain 12 assorted glitters & shimmers.

Coming to the texture from both the palettes I extracted the chunky ones first.

Includes 3 shades in the chunky texture copper gold , white holographic and silver multi.

These can be used on eyes (if you are PRO in applying any kind of glitter) otherwise it can be used for nail art or other parts of body or face.

Then there are shimmers which are fine pigment powders.

From 24 pots 5 of them are shimmer pigments.

Silver, White Gold, Gold, Copper and Rust. They are extremely pigmented and the color payoff is so awesome. The white Gold is ideal for brow bone highlighter.

Coming to the rest of the glitters.
The glitter particles are finely milled and have good texture which is quite comfortable when applied on eye.

The glitter palettes (if bought both) comes with 2 glitter primers,2 brushes and sponge applicators as well.

The texture of primer is wax like or to be precise something similar to petroleum jellies, but definitely it is not petroleum jelly because it doesn't feel that greasy like the jellies.

right w/o primer left with

I have shown all the reds and pinks variants from the palettes with and without the use of primer side by side, to give you an exact idea how the primer holds the glitter and how it makes a difference in application.

The blues and greens are perfect to have pop up, funky makeup look. The silver and copper gold are eye catching shades among all.


  • Huge variety of glitters in 2 palettes.
  • Variants in texture is a big PLUS PLUS
  • The base that comes along with the palette is amazing and works like a magic
  • Pots are filled to the brim means a generous amount of product won't budge you in keeping the quantity
  • Easy on pocket
  • Cash on delivery all over Pakistan


  • Excessive fall outs
  • Be very careful while handling the opening and closing of pots creates a mess
  • If you end up the primer there would be no other way left to apply and set the glitter
  • Chunky glitter particles may cause irritation if applied on eyes
  • Not recommended for super sensitive eyes
  • only available online

My Thoughts:

A huge variety of glitters at a reasonable price @ what else a girl needs. Excellent for experimentation. You can create variety of makeup looks with that. The primer helps to enhance pigmentation and it makes the glitter to affix the lids without budging it. You can order it online from there page for rs.1350/- 

Have you ever tried incorporating Glitter into your eye makeup. Did it work for you ?


Sherry K on 26 May 2016 at 13:38 said...

I can totally relate to your obsession with glitters and shimmers !! These look nice. How long is the staying time with the primer? Also do they crease?

Saadiah Khawaja. on 26 May 2016 at 21:53 said...

Lovely colors! Are these as good as the Beauty World ones? Is the primer quantity reasonable or no??

Aamal Nauman on 27 May 2016 at 23:35 said...

@ladies thank u and the glitter stayed pretty well the primer has petroleum jelly like feel but it is not at all a petroleum jelly it is something which not greasy but it sits well on the lid and stay put glitter particles

Kulsoom Atiq on 28 May 2016 at 04:08 said...

These are look though an ice gilt-er eye-shadows, if,its prominent,so its best ever for gilt er addiction.GREAT POST!

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