Saturday, 12 November 2016

How to Fix a Broken Pressed Powder Item? (No Rubbing Alcohol Required)

Posted by Aamal Nauman at 10:15

A few days back, while I was watching some beauty related videos; I came to know about this amazing technique. I forgot where did I actually saw but you might figure it out on google. To cut it short, the technique really intrigued me to give it a good try, if it really works or not.

I recently bought this lovely Highlighter by Wet n wild in Catwalk Pink, the blush consisted 5 stripes of different shades which was pretty amazing. As u can either use each stripe or a combo of your choice to make a highlighting shade. I used it once or twice and dropped it in a hurry. All the stripes got detached from the pan and little it was badly broken into pieces which was no less than a panic attack to me. As you would we very well aware all tutorials on fixing broken makeup almost tells the same procedure i.e, fixing with Rubbing Alcohol; which unfortunately is not available in Pakistan.

On the mission to reassemble this beauty, with a heavy heart, I broke it further in to chunks. 

To start Clear the pan and depot the whole product.
Take a clear Cellophane paper or any other transparent sheet, put the chunks of the products on it and fold it in a way so that you can press it and crush it to powder. 

After all the squish squash, add the finely crushed powder back in to the pan.

Even it out bu spreading it all over in the pan.

Take the cellophane sheet again n cover the pan, and then with a help of any heavy cylindrical object (e.g hair spray bottle, perfume bottle, glass jar etc)exert a gentle pressure on the pan and even it out, ensure that powder has no air pockets left. Level it and remove the cellophane. 

And you are done. Good enough to be used again.

Although I have lost the perk of using each strip singularly but its better to have something than nothing. I am using this as a Blush topper and just love that way it compliments my skin-tone.

So if you have any shattered eye-shadow, bronzer or pressed powder lying around stop mourning over it when you can bring it back to life and that too without taking pain of Rubbing Alcohol hunt. 

and let me know when you try this too!.


Walk In Vogue on 15 November 2016 at 19:11 said...

Thanks Aamal,I have broken my pressed powder and I will definitely try your method!xx

Aamal Nauman on 19 November 2016 at 07:20 said...

Sure dear :)

Sherry K on 20 November 2016 at 23:35 said...

Wow!! That's a great way to restore over broken pressed powders. Thanks for sharing

Aamal Nauman on 21 November 2016 at 13:06 said...

thanks love :*

Nuzhat Javed on 2 February 2017 at 22:31 said...

Thanks helpful tip

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