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A Day Out At Cafe BackYard - Hi Tea Buffet

Posted by Aamal Nauman at 07:57
The enthusiasm of checking out new food spots has become a part of life. We keep on looking for Good options for food in town. After hearing so many good reviews about I thought why not try this very option Cafe Backyard.

What foodies look up to:
1. Good food
2. Reasonable on Pocket
3. Good Service

These above mentioned points are basics any foodie would try to look for in any trending food spot.
I thought to give it a try after considering the above mentioned points. To cut it short, lets start with what I experienced.

Cafe Backyard the outside of the building was precise to theme of backyard you would probably observe in homes where a little garden with sitting arrangement is organised with fountains running in the back as a part of decor. An interesting & appealing place to try, that's what I thought from the outside decor and concept.

I Booked a table for 10 2-3 days before the Sunday to be on a safer side, as Sundays are mostly packed with family functions, parties and feasts. The timing for Cafe backyard's Hi-Tea Buffet starts from 4:00 Pm -6:30 Pm.

Entering the premises I liked the interiors as it was well balanced with colors decors giving it a homely touch. A plus for the decor and sitting, in-other words its given a touch of homely effect something like you are invited as a guest in someones drawing room.

We reached on time at 4:00pm sharp we were asked to be seated. There was some electricity issue but that is ok as that was tackled after 5-10mins. We were asked to be seated and wait, because there was some party going on in the other area of the cafe it was a crowd of about 60 people, and that is the time I started to go on blue mode seeing such gush of people hovering over the tables in hi-tea area.
and that is the time I though I might have done a mistake in selecting this place.

Anyways as my face was turning red with embarrassment and rage the Owner Mehak herself came to greet us. She sweetly excused that it was a lunch buffet going on before us and as it was a party they got late and some other issues so the lunch buffet will be continued till 5:00Pm but as an apology we can offer you to join the lunch buffet the menu for hi-tea will be set after 5:00pm to which I agreed because I didn't want to be embarrassed in-front of my guests as they already waited a lot.

The trays were going all clean in a blink of an eye. Men were standing in front of the tables which was really unethical to do so as there were all other ladies who were hesitant in asking them again and again to move aside to fill their plates. Anyways I think if there would have been someone in-charge standing and dealing with the men from the staff it would have been better. Not only in this cafe but I think every restaurant offering buffets should make this a thumb rule to assign a supervisor while it is time of the buffet at the place so he could manage people well and ask them to leave the place as soon as they fill their place instead of standing there munching and wandering about like they are in their home kitchen.

Afghani Karhai

Salad bar

Egg fried rice & Kung Pao chicken

Chicken Nine Lives

Spicy Honey wings 

chicken with cashew nuts

fettucini Alfredo

Anyways, the food which I can observe in Lunch buffet was rice, kungpao chicken, seafood balls, chowmin, alfredo, afghani karahi naan, salads, chicken nine live etc

Buffalo chicken strips

Mashed Potatoes
Batter fried rolls

After 5:00pm with a relief of sigh the dishes were cleaned and hi-tea items were filled. The new additions included Tamarind sauce fish, finger fried fish, shrimps, bar-b-q chicken, sandwiches etc. 

Crispy shrimps

The prawns were well cooked and juicy enough to chew & crunchy enough to munch.

Finger Fish

Tamarind Fish with Sauce
Tamarind Sauce

I loved the fried fish it was cooked to perfection. Among the most favorite dishes I liked the wings, fish , sea food balls shrimps & chocolate mousse in dessert. 

There was a huge variety of desserts as well and all were baked and made with perfection. Esp the tiny brownies and chocolate mousse were finger licking good.

Overall the food was good and served with generously. 

Now coming to the negative part, the most troublesome aspect was the shortage of Staff.
Yes! there were no enough waiters to pick up the plates from tables. The stack of dirty dishes was huge but no one bothered to pick them up. The owner herself was trying to manage each & everything in the best possible way. 

The washrooms were badly stinking and it seemed they have not cleaned them from ages urghh... Poor hygienic condition was a big NO NO!. 

Broken brim of cup in which tea is served 

And finally when we are done with eating and nibbling we waited for the tea for about good 60-75 mins which was big turn off. I kept on asking the waiter but they seemed least concerned. 
Cafe Backyard

Overall Ratings:

Ambiance: 4/5
Seating: 4/5
Service: 2/5
Food: 4.5/5
Value for Money: 4/5
Hygiene: 2.5/5

Cold drink for rs.85/- per glass

Recommendation: I would definitely recommend this place for Hi-tea if someone is looking for Good food in budget. 

Hi-Tea Charges: 1000/- (if you are member of Foodies For Life then 850/-)

Comment below if the review was helpful for you or not. 
And if u had any experience do share I would love to know.


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