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Facial Hair Removal Laser Treatment + Shopping Experience from

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Being a shopaholic I always keep an eye on salon deals and other beauty deals on different online shopping websites. A clear trend of online shopping is gradually elevating day by day. A few years back there were no such websites which provide discounted vouchers and deals of salons, products, restaurants and other services ( or may be I am new to these), but these days I found many websites offering tempting deals.
Recently, I was going through one of the websites, there I found a deal of Facial hair removal laser treatment voucher on 50% discount by HALCYON health clinic.

I ordered my 3 vouchers in order to avail maximum discount on each sitting. The vouchers reached me in no time the next day, really quick service.

Laser treatment  :
I have never heard of Halcyon health clinic before, so I was a bit skeptical about the services and quality. Anyways I accepted it as a challenge and took appointment.
To cut it short, here is the pic before my full face laser treatment.


  You can see the hair on my side buns and chin area even I have applied the  foundation and compact too but they aren't concealed enough. I had gross hair but not the thicker ones. I was using facial epilator I never dared to wax in routine I think years back in my teenage once I had which gave me severe breakouts so I decided to go for a full face hair removal treatment. Although, I don't have thick men like beard but I thought if its on a deal why not go for full face and get rid of permanently.

halcyon clinic

I went to the clinic it was all clean and seemed hygienic (lol). The receptionist greeted me sweetly, staff was really friendly. I reached on the given time and then an assistant came to greet me and gave me a form to fill before going through my laser. I literally got scared of all the things mentioned on it , like my family history was asked on it with all my medical history and if I am allergic to something or sensitive etc. In the end I had to sign that if something goes wrong I would be responsible because with all the information provided treatment would be done accordingly etc. Anyways the assistant was enjoying my panic stricken face she amiably came and said " yaar kuch nahi hoga it is just a formality"  
She lead me to a separate room. It was a clean small room with a big mechanical chair, walls were full of posters related surgery or laser hair removal and a big painting on the back.  No horrible ambiance was  created there with open surgical tools or anything else. A big laser machine was placed at the back of the chair in order to relax the client about something giant. I asked if she or some doctor will treat me, she replied me friendly that she's doctor's assistant and the doctor is in Dubai, I gulped and became skeptical that she might not be pro or something ( Pta nahi kya karegi, Allah Allah kro bs ab to Aamal sahiba). She wore surgical gloves and now I again gulped (lol) she came up with feminine hair removing razor to shave my face and I got scared if it would give me a beard then.  She calmed me down that nothing is going to happen like this for treatment we have to shave first to get a direct contact with hair follicle which is to be destroyed. So I took a sigh! of relief and  she shove my whole face. I got a facial around 25 days back about which she said bleached hair are less effected by the laser so avoid bleach during all ur sittings. She did some adjustments to the big machine after examining my skin. Then brought a gun probe near me something like this

She place the small ring around and like a gunshot she fired the lase beam on my side bun. It was a spark of light which hurt me like something suddenly bit me or burned me but with a gush of chilled water or some compressed air. It all happens in a glimpse of an eye. She placed the ring all over my face and during that we chit chatted a lot, I must she's so friendly and a good natured person, I have seen many assistants and subordinates who are so rude like if they are someone out of the world, But this lady I must say is adorable.I forgot to mention she gave me eye goggles to prevent any damage to the sensitive parts of eyes. Later the lady gave me ( I forgot her name, might be Neelam ,I guess) an ice pack and asked me to rub it all over my face in order to soothe the skin for 15 mins. It was all a hardly 10 mins process and then you can leave with an ice pack to cool down the skin as it reddens (may be in my case).

before & after- 1st sitting

My skin felt smooth and soft I finally got rid those filthy side buns ( I used to hate always). All I can see was a beautiful clean skin. No reactions, No breakouts nothing horrible happened. I was satisfied and happy. But to mention I got severe itching all over my face but as it was mentioned on their form it can occur, its natural so I didn't worry and It finished within two days.I was given appointment after a month. So I was free to enjoy my new clean face (lol) . I observed within the month only tiny weak hair appeared on some aeas of my face like upper lips forehead and side buns but they are not noticeable, only if I place a caressing hand then I could feel tiny hair otherwise they weren't visible at all. But as I have told to come back after a month I rushed with the below shown hair growth.

before-2nd sitting

Again I reached the clinic on time. The assistant came greeted me and started shaving me. This time I was feeling more relaxed and (experienced). She started treating me and we chatted lively than I was given an ice pack again after cooling ,calming and soothing. The lady gave me sunscreen to apply before leaving. And here are the results ...

after-2nd sitting

I was again called after a month for my 3rd sitting. During the month I didn't feel anything itchy like I had in my first one. Again tiny fine hair growth all I could observe with no more thick hair on chin and clustered hairy side buns.

Before-3rd sitting
This time I reached the clinic on time but a client was given time before me ( which I didn't mind ,exceptions are everywhere). I waited for about an hour in the waiting lounge and chit chatted with ladies sitting next to me who visited first time and asked me for reviews and obviously I am happy client of Halcyon I guided them, and they came happy too from the room after treatment.
My treatment started again with same process. This was my Last voucher hence last chance of availing discount (lol).  Now I have not been given any time frame for appointment. The assistant told me I can come whenever I feel hair growth is visible, I was advised Elfogen cream for hair growth reduction.

after- 3rd sitting
Points To Keep In Mind:
*If  You are going through laser treatment, DON'T ever dare to go for waxing or threading otherwise hair would grow back with similar intensity. 
*Apply Eflogen after treatment.
*Sunblock is a MUST ( preferably with spf 40+)
*Avoid bleaching hair before and after going through the treatment.
* Use Ice Pack after treatment

My Experience:
 Overall it was an amazing experience. No horible stories to brag about. Maujan.Pk is a good reliable website with tempting deals and quick service. Whereas, Halcyon (though infamous) is an excellent option for all Lahori ladies to get there laser done. I recommend it for the ladies having similar facial hair problem. I won't say that it will completely vanish the hair like **poof!!** but it will certainly lower the intensity of hair growth. I paid around rs.8000/- for three vouchers on 50% off deal. It means single sitting is for rs.5000/- :) 
For any futher queries leave me a comment or you are welcome to email me as well at

***DISCLAIMER*** this post is no way sponsored or endorsed by the clinic or the website. Each voucher was purchased by me with my own money.

I hope you enjoyed reading my experience post.
loads of coming soon
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Huda Sheikh on 13 June 2014 at 03:33 said...

Wow, thanks for sharing with such details do guide about location of the laser clinic.

Aamal Nauman on 18 June 2014 at 06:39 said...

Thanksfor appreciation...
And its located on m.m alam road near blue mall

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