Saturday, 13 August 2016

Pizza Hut - Big Dipper Treat

Posted by Aamal Nauman at 14:56
Pizza Hut is perhaps the only Pizza maker which keeps up the element of innovation alive by coming up with something new very often. This time its the Big Dipper recently introduced, the big dipper as the name suggests is a undoubtedly a BIG TREAT for the Pizza lovers.

My treat arrived within 15 mins of order placement. The Huge box was a more of a cardboard drawer.

The first drawer or slider included chicken supreme pizza which was piping hot. The other one was I reckon Super Supreme pizza, because I requested for split pizza.

There were 4 packed pots of dips as well. 

peri peri sauce a mix of tangy & spicy sauce 

creamy ranch is a mix of cream mayo olive oil and oregano perhaps

Bbq sauce and mint garlic sauce have more of Arabian exotic taste

The pizza is baked to perfection evenly sliced in 24 strips. The dough was filled with a balance of softness and pulpiness. I loved the generous amount of toppings. The veggies peeking beneath the cheese layer tastes scrumptious even they are almost raw but the grilling and baking faded the raw bitterness and in fact the crunchy onions n capsicums were sweet and yummy with the whole pizza bite.

Although I didn't ask for an extra cheese or something, but the pizza was fully drenched in melted cheese which was finger licking good. 

The only turn off was the Habib ketchup sachets, I mean seriously I wasn't expecting a sachet of habib ketchup in such abig named pizza case. I think they seriously need to take an action it was awful.

In short, I would say this was a complete dose of scrumptious with all the exotic goodness of flavours melting in mouth. The delicious dips are paired with it in heaven. A complete family treat just for rs.1895/-+tax is no less than a steal.

I enjoyed mine, I hope you will enjoy urs too

Have a yummy day.


Shinaaya Naya on 14 August 2016 at 03:54 said...

Sweety pizza hut in Pakistan is owned by Habib sons, its no longer an international franchise for quite some years. Jab pizza hut ki quality mein dip aya tha uski wjah yehi thi

Aamal Nauman on 14 August 2016 at 05:27 said...

awww well previously only because of bad reviews i never tried pizza hut tbh ...i think years ago i used to when it was introduced in Pakistan n later as i heard bad reviews i never bother trying n now when i tried i liked it but ya the ketchup as u know unfolded the story I still want them to change it for the sake of keeping up the standard

fatima jannan on 14 August 2016 at 07:18 said...

Great post! Going to try this soon!


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